Sara grew up reading books, her favourite as a child was The Famous Five series by Enid Blyton. She now loves a crime thriller, which has inspired her to write crime books. Her favourite crime authors are, Lynda La Plante, Karin Slaughter, and Linda Fairstein. There are many more for that list, but those are the top three. They inspired Sara to write crime, which she is enjoying. HANGMAN is her second novel in the DS Addison McCain Series, which is due out in 2021.

Sara Dalton was born in London, Leytonstone. She moved to Essex at a young age and grew up there. At school, Sara had a big interest in Performing Arts and she loved to perform on stage. She took Performing Arts as a GCSE and then carried on studying the subject at College, which she achieved a National Diploma Award. Her first ever show, she played Sandy in Grease. She moved to Portsmouth shortly after, to carry the study on at Portsmouth University.

Sara started a family and decided to take a break from any studying to bring up her daughter. As a hobby, Sara was writing books, but she never decided to publish any. It was only a hobby. Once her daughter started school, Sara decided to go back to university to finish her Performing Arts course at Anglia Ruskin, Cambridge. Again, certain health issues held her back from finishing the course. But, she received a certificate of higher education for the hard work she had put into the course. She returned to writing as a hobby, with plans to publish in the future which she achieved. Her debut novel was Evan Wood followed by her recent novel SILENCE which is part of the DS Addison McCain series. Her next working title is HANGMAN.


Anna Willis witnesses her mother’s death and may be the only person who saw the killer's face....


Evan Wood

Romance was not part of Amelia's plan, until she came face to face with Evan Wood....



This title has not yet been released. It is due to be published later in 2021.

Bought this book (Evan Wood) for my daughter and to say she was pleased with it would be an understatement! She loved it and felt very defensive of the main characters and loved the emotional rollercoaster accumulating in the explosive ending! Definitely would recommend it.
Jessica Simmons

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